2019 – Autonomous Vehicles

2019: Autonomous Vehicles
Are they as safe as we are led to believe?

Date:Wednesday 20th November 2019
Welcome:Professor Ian Campbell
Professor of Applied Physiology, Deputy Vice Chancellor, University of Hertfordshire
Chair:Tim ArmitageTim Armitage
ARUP, UK Autodrive Project Director
Speakers:Nigel WallProgress towards Fully Driverless Cars
Nigel Wall
Director Climate Associates

Nick CarpenterAutonomous vehicles: The status of technology development
Nick Carpenter
Engineering Director, Delta Motorsport Limited

Brian MatthewsUK Autodrive – Exploring the potential for connected and autonomous vehicles in an urban environment
Brian Matthews
Head of Transport Innovation, Milton Keynes Council

Prashant PillaiSecurity for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles
Prof Prashant Pillai
School of Mathematics and Computer Science, Faculty of Science and Engineering, University of Wolverhampton
Synopsis:Autonomous or driverless vehicles have the potential to reduce the 1,770 deaths, nearly 25,000 serious injuries and 138,500 lesser casualties each year on UK roads. Those vehicles depend on various sensors, communication with each other and software including decision making to mitigate an imminent accident.

There have been a few fatal accidents in North America with vehicles in autonomous mode, so safety and legal concerns are delaying the wider deployment of autonomous vehicles.

This seminar addressed:

• Status of technology
• Safety, social, legal and ethical considerations
• Impact on infrastructure